Best Friends Animal Dentistry

Best Friend Animal Dentistry
6110 Camino Verde Dr Suite #6
San Jose, Ca 95119
(408) 310-6419

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Phone: 408-310-6419
Office Location:
Best Friend Animal Dentistry
6110 Camino Verde Dr Suite #6
San Jose, Ca 95119

Monday -Thursday 8am – 6pm

Small place but knowledgeable and friendly staff. They really care about animals. Dr. Zacher took a long time explaining us what needed to be done, even the smallest details. She’s clearly a geek in her profession, which I appreciate in a doctor.

Marco Paganini

Dr Zacher and her staff are amazing, and obviously care tremendously for the animals in their care. Today I took my dog back for a re-check after two extractions and a cleaning. My dog drug me from the parking lot to their door – she couldn’t wait to get back inside and see Dr. Zacher and her staff. Once in side she enthusiastically greeted each member of the staff one by one like old friends! That should tell you everything you need to know about how they treat patients.

Mark Scrivener

You could not find a better person to have your pets teeth cared for.
Amalia is a very compassionate and caring Veterinary Dentist. I am
so grateful she has taken care of my Yorkie dental health

jypilot Jan

Dr Zacher is the best! Great staff, everyone is so kind and compassionate. The techs are awesome and Dr Zacher has given my little guy great care for over three years. They are so genuinely nice and they spend a great deal of time with every client. I am very grateful to Dr. Zacher for everything she has done for my pup in treating his unusual and complex dental needs. Highly recommend!

Marina Peskar

Our newly adopted cat had the very painful condition of stomatitis. Dr Zacher made me feel comfortable from the very beginning, explaining the condition and our options. Mystic’s teeth were all removed, and she is a different cat now. She plays as often as our other cat, something I didn’t see pre-surgery. Every time I see Mystic playing, I am thankful for the work Dr Zacher did.
I highly recommend her.


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